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Sports Injury Chiropractor in Mt. Prospect

The Benefits of Sports Massages and Spinal AdjustmentsIncrease your muscle performance with Schulze Chiropractic

Athletic massages produce wonderful benefits not only physically, but psychologically and physiologically as well—if handled by an experienced doctor.

Dr. Katarina Schulze is a Doctor of Chiropractic, with a degree in human biology, and certifications in rehabilitation studies and Meridian therapy—with education and decades of professional experience in her repertoire, she guarantees successful results for her athletic patients.

Massage Therapy for Athletes

Massage Therapy is not only beneficial for relieving stress, it can:

  • Improve circulation: Loosening muscles allows increased blood-flow, oxygen, and important nutrients to flow into sore muscles. 
  • Reduce Pain: an expert can target specific sore areas of the body to relieve tension and alleviate pain from over-worked muscles.
  • Reduce Post-Injury Swelling: Kneading and other massage techniques can push toxins out of and increase oxygen to targeted sore areas on the body to alleviate swelling and, thus, pain.
  • Improve Flexibility: The continuous kneading of muscles improves connective tissue strength and muscle elasticity, growing muscles as we work with you.
  • Improve Sleep: Easing tension and alleviating stress allows your brain to properly shut down at night, giving you the hours of well-needed rest to prepare you for the next practice/event.
  • Ease Nerves and Anxiety: Releasing tension from muscles allows your physical body to relax, but the time spent relaxing on the table has proven significant benefits to overall anxious feelings (whether during game time or otherwise).

All of these benefits aside, sports massage therapy can improve exercise performance and muscle function in and out of game time.

How often should I get a sports massage?Affordable sports massage therapy for athletes from Schulze Chiropracitc

We hear this question a lot in our office: the short answer is if you want to train like a professional, you need to relax like a professional. Athletes, on average, receive one massage a week to alleviate training stress and improve muscle tissue for the following training week. However, this is not a required amount: our patients can schedule massage therapy anytime they need:

  • rehabilitation from injuries
  • stress alleviation
  • spinal adjustments
  • and more!

It’s recommended that athletes get a massage before and after they train, to allow their muscles to loosen before big events and recover post-events.

It’s best to contact the professionals at Schulze Chiropractic for a sports massage within 48 hours of competing to reduce your recovery time and give your body the rest it needs.

Not Just for Professional Athletes

Dr. Schulze prides herself on treating any patient's pain or stress releif needs--athlete or not. If you're recovering from injuries, exercising more, or just looking to releif pain in your body, contact Dr. Schulze to begin your recovery with our specialized treatment plans. Check out our general chiropractic and massage therapy pages for more information, or call us for specific questions. 

We're here to help you on the road to healthy living. 

Chiropractic Services for Athletes in Illinois

90% of all professional athletes employ chiropractic specialists to prevent injuries and boost performance. At Schulze Chiropractic, we provide professional care to athletes in Mt. Prospect and surrounding areas, to improve over-all performance for high school students, college students, and professional athletes a like.

Contact the professional chiropractor in Illinois for your sports-related injury today to get started on your personalized path to recovery.
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